Rediscovering God

Rediscovering God

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For most of us, the world makes less sense every day. We struggle to find meaning in our work, our relationships, and our place in the world. Common sense has become less common. And Christian faith, which shaped us growing up, slips from our grasp.

In this series of short, wise perspectives, Tim Attwell helps us find direction in daily life and the vastness of the universe. He reintroduces us to the people and God of the Bible that we easily lose sight of, and helps us think in fresh new ways.

From Rediscovering God

This ceaselessly creative process, from the mother and father of explosions to the continuous combining of atoms, molecules, proteins, cells, bacteria, amoeba, fungi, plants and animals to bring about new realities, which leave legacies and open up conditions for new life is what we mean when we use the word ‘God’.

Note that the atoms themselves, the molecules, the proteins, the cells, the bacteria, amoeba, fungi, plants and animals are not gods. They are just things. ‘God’ is the word we use for the process, the combining, the creativity and the continual movement from what never was to what is and what shall be.

When we human beings combine, work together, to bring about new realities that in turn open up the possibility and the reality of new life, we are participating in the life of God.

When we combine with nature and not against her, when we combine with each other and not against each other, when we notice, appreciate, respect and participate in the processes of creative nature and replicate those processes in the way we organise ourselves together, we are one with God. – From chapter 29, ‘Stardust’

About the author

Tim Attwell is a writer, speaker, radio presenter, ecologist and mountain guide. He spent over forty years in urban and rural Methodist ministry, leadership and teaching. He asks a lot of questions: ‘Why is there something and not nothing? What makes something true? What is God, and why is God so compelling? What flower is that? How did that rock form?’ His lifelong love of nature and endless curiosity make his insights new and thought provoking.

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